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Class Materials List
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Student Materials Fee:  $60 


  • paraffin for brush cleaning

  • heated encaustic tools and irons

  • wood burning tools

  • Extra drawing paper

  • Parchment paper

  • encaustic paint

  • instant indigo

  • salt & spray bottles

  • griddles as needed

  • cords/power strips as needed

  • iwatani torch

  • propane torch

  • paper punches

  • stencils

  • Limited variety of paint sticks

  • Tracing paper

  • Extra razor blades

  • Pans and cups for paint and medium

  • Double sided scraper tools

  • Black Discharge fabric

  • Bleach thickener

  • Bleach

  • Extra encaustic medium

  • Teacher demo materials

  • Scrap boards for painting

  • Mixed media for drawing

  • Horse hair

  • Candy molds

STUDENT SUPPLY LIST: Students should bring the following materials with them:
  • basic encaustic colors will be provided, however, if you prefer certain colors, please bring them. 

  • package of razor blades (holder optional) and or clay scraper

  • decorative stencils, mesh, doilies, etc-anything flat with open areas that can be used as a stencil. 

  • 2-4 actual or images of your work

  • sharp scissors for cutting fabric

  • rusty metal objects or objects that will rust

  • misc. textured objects and/or sharp ended tool for pressing into/incising/writing/drawn into wax.

  • materials for collage (fabric, papers, magazine images, photos, etc.)

  • sketchbook and drawing media of your choice

  • ½-1 yard, even-weave, white or light colored natural fabric for rust printing and painting OR frequently washed old sheet/t- tshirts 

  • smock (optional)

  • 6-10 wooden painting panels (your preference of 8x8 or 10x10, but no larger or smaller, please) (nothing coated in acrylic or acrylic gesso!!)

  • 5-10 natural hair brushes in various sizes for encaustic painting (1 brush will be designated your medium brush, so must be free of color if you are bringing used brushes)(Because you are working with relatively small panels, please keep brush sizes from ½-3” width)

  • 2lb encaustic medium from any company 

  • any white encaustic color (40 ml size, R&F is preferred, but other encaustic brands are fine)

  • any tool or material for any technique that you normally employ while working with encaustic. 

  • iwatani torch (optional)

  • paper punches (will be provided, however, if you have favorites, please bring them)



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