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Sewing Machine  in good working order –new needles. Be sure to bring foot pedal and cord

Sewing supplies- thread, scissors, pins, needles and anything YOU need to make quilts with. What I sew with might be different than what you sew with.

A thin line sharpie can darken your drawing to help with copying it.

Rotary cutter and new blade. I prefer using two main sizes of rulers.

9 ½ inch omnigrid square and also a 3 ½’ square ruler.

Pencil and  large eraser and a notebook- a couple of sharp pencils

Freezer paper- fold a nice big bit of it and leave the box at home…it is too weighty to pack if you are flying….

Small paper bag for garbage with tape to put it by your work station

1 1/3 Yard of fabric for the background (center) of your quilt (dark dark or light light-no mediums) –black is easy

PLUS (you need this the first day)

2 ½ yards of fabric for the background of your border blocks (light in value or dark in value) This will make your blocks and border black of a dark color is easy and makes things pop!

A good range of fabrics for a scrappy and fun border. I use brights and bold colors. These borders can also be lovely and soft or folksy and warm. You choose the feel your celebration might be as it is your quilt. Many people use country fabrics for their choice. In other words you do not have to use brights.

    I suggest having many 1/3 yard cuts and some ¼ yards cuts and then leftovers chunks and scraps that will all coordinate with your quilt color feel. I like choosing three to four colors and then building on those colors. So, for example, I might have 10 to 14 soft blues, and 8 soft yellows and 15 great reds and a black or two for sparkle. You can choose any three colors (or more) and perhaps you have some fabrics that have all colors in them to throw in the mix. This makes my quilt scrappy because the fabrics are all different but the colors will all pull together (if you follow what you have just read).

Remember this is your artists palette.

If you have used paints in quilts before they are also welcome.

I will be discussing 7 fabric personalities and your buying habits and maybe you will discover some new things about the way you buy that you didn’t know before. I do not use any fabrics containing white unless many of the fabrics in my stash contain white. I will discuss this.

Greeting cards, sketches, pictures, color books of things that inspire you. These kinds of pictures are always fun to have nearby and to show others.

I use rick rack and trims for fun and after the quilt is done, I add buttons and fun things.

Old linens for aprons on people or a table or added here or there are fun and add nostalgia.  

Then after the borders are all done and attached, you will build your “story” objects with the leftovers from your borders and other fabrics you have brought. We will be discussing the power of color and fabric choices.

This sounds more difficult than it is-see how creating is easy and fun!

We will also be learning what makes life a celebration and why we need to celebrate each day. Prepare to come and make new friends and smile for this multi day workshop.

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