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Class Materials List
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Book: Art Quilt Maps: Capture a Sense of Place with Fiber Collage-A Visual Guide by Valerie S. Goodwin

Inexpensive Flat artist Brushes: ranging in size from ¼” to 1”flat art brush

Inexpensive 2” (+/-) house painter’s brush

A Few Foam Stencil Brushes

Inexpensive Sponge

Glue stick

One roll of trace paper 18” wide (or wider) (

1 yard of Misty- Fuse WHITE (

1 yard of Misty- Fuse   BLACK (

Teflon Sheet

Two choices for Paint:

Fabric Paints (Primary colors + Black +white paint or … a set of muted colors that you like)


Acrylic Paints (Primary colors + Black +white paint) and a bottle of GAC 900 Fabric medium or equivalent

Medium sized Rotary Cutter

Small sharp fabric scissors

Scotch Tape

Black, white and gray thread for machine sewing (in addition bring any other thread colors that you favor from your stash)

Painter’s tape

Gridded rotary cutter ruler

Needles for hand sewing & Pins

Plastic cups or plates for mixing.

Inexpensive Rubber Gloves + a few Garbage bags

Sewing Machine with free motion foot

Any decorative threads that you like for hand sewing.


Varied hand dyed solid fabrics (light, medium and dark muted values) (please bring plenty of light colors)I find that students do not have enough contrast in the finished maps because they use many medium valued fabrics. The goal is to have the elements on the map (Streets, buildings, etc...) stand out from the background (earth’s surface) So you will need more light and dark fabrics than medium.

1/2 yard each of black, white and gray silk organza – can be bought from:

Kimono Scraps optional –can be purchased from

I use these A LOT, but you do not have to….

Black Micron Pens (or equivalent), Minimum 3 Point Sizes — 01 (0.25 mm), 03 (0.35 mm), and 05 (0.45 mm)

Sharpies: Black, red, blue, green

Pre-Workshop Requirements:  

  1. Students are asked to bring hard copy maps of a place that has meaning for them. If you have digital images, bring those as well. Please bring maps of the same place at a variety of different scales. For instance if you want to do a map of your home, provide:

  1. Your Neighborhood.

  2. Your Street

  3. Your Home

  1. If you can -- bring hard copy images of the place. For instance if it is of your home, bring images of the front of your home, a special tree or a nearby pond.  If you have digital images, bring those as well. Take your file (or hard copy) to a copy shop such as Target Copy or Kinko's. They should be able to make black and white copies inexpensively on bond paper. You may want to get a few copies just in case. The size of your completed map may be about  24” x 36”.

  2. It will be important to email the instructor your prospective maps and images about 2 weeks before the workshop so that she can help you make choices.The preferred file formats are jpeg and pdf, no larger than 10 Megabytes per file. Her email address is


Some cities have their own GIS map sites. Try a Google search like GIS + Illinois or GIS + Chicago

Note:  Other necessary exercise materials will be supplied by the instructor for a small fee of $15 per person.


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