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Class Materials List
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Supply List for Painting in Watercolor with Energy and Expression at Tanque Verde Ranch:


140 lb. Arches, Fabriano, Winsor & Newton, Jack Richeson, or any quality brand 100% cotton fiber sheet or block.  Cold press.  Full sheets are 22” x 30”.  Cut in half or quarters.


Any hard surface such as Masonite, Plexiglas, or Formica cut ½” larger than the size paper you are using.


Any commercial watercolor palette with a cover and a large mixing area for paints.


Use only tube paint.  Winsor & Newton, Holbein, M. Graham & Co., Daniel Smith, Martin/F. Weber Co. (Mission Gold line by Mijello), and Golden Artist Colors (QoR Watercolors line) are makers of professional, good quality paint.  Do not buy “student grade” paint.  

Mel’s basic palette:

  • cadmium red light

  • cadmium yellow light

  • lemon yellow

  • yellow ochre

  • raw sienna

  • raw umber

  • burnt sienna

  • burnt umber

  • thalo green

  • viridian green

  • sap green

  • Hooker’s green dark

  • cerulean blue

  • cobalt blue

  • ultramarine blue

  • Prussian blue

  • Indigo

  • alizarin crimson

  • ivory black

  • Aside from this basic palette there are also exotic colors available (i.e. the Quinacridones).


Winsor & Newton, Robert Simmons, Jack Richeson, Raphael, and Isabey are quality brands.  No. 12 and No. 14 round synthetic hair or sable  (No. 8 or No. 10 will do if you plan to work 15” or 12” or smaller), 1” flat synthetic hair or sable, 2” flat camel hair or sable, No. 4 rigger.  The sable and nylon synthetics are less expensive to buy than pure kolinsky sables and they do the job; however, a No. 12 round kolinsky sable is of superior quality and an overall good size to work with.


  • 4 strong clips to fasten paper to board (found at art and office supply stores)

  • large, natural sponge for wetting paper

  • rectangular,cellulose, synthetic sponge

  • tissues; rag or paper towels for wiping brushes

  • flat, plastic container approximately 6’’x 9”x 2” to hold water

  • screw-top, plastic container or canteen to carry water

  • sketch book or pad

  • kneaded eraser

  • #2B or 4B pencil (no “h” pencils)

  • in case of inclement weather bring photos and/or sketches of landscapes and people in landscapes for reference for indoor painting.  Mel will bring blow-up photos of his own, which students are welcome to use during class time.


If you paint standing up, bring a lightweight easel with either an attached tray that can hold a palette, brushes, and a water container or a small, lightweight folding tray table that can hold your equipment. If you paint sitting, bring a lightweight, aluminum, folding camping stool or folding chair and a small folding table for your equipment. You may want to use an umbrella that attaches to your easel to shade your painting from the sun.  


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