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Class Materials List
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  • 22”x30” paper, smooth surface: 10 sheets; more if you prefer working large (we will be working on multiple pieces at once, mostly in the 8”x10” – 12”x12” range, so you will get many pieces out of each sheet).  Pre-cut your paper to these smaller sizes, or bring a bone folder to fold and tear it in class.  I use Stonehenge 90lb printmaking paper


  • Acrylic Matte Medium: one pint.  I recommend Utrecht.  Other brands may be great for mixing with paint, but Utrecht is the best I’ve found for use as a collage adhesive.  Soft gel in another brand may work.  


  • Acrylic glazing medium/liquid: one small bottle


  • Acrylic paint: artist-quality paints such as Golden, Holbein, Utrecht, Tri-Art, Windsor-Newton, Blick Artist Arcylics, etc. You may supplement these with student-grade paints.  Fluid Acrylics and Heavy Body acrylics are both acceptable.  I use both.


  • Disposable palette: pad of paper style, 9”x12”


  • Drawing materials: pencils, various pens and markers, graphite sticks, watercolor pencils and crayons, charcoal, (any of these that you care to use)


  • A set of water-soluble crayons such as Caran d’Ache  (I’ll share mine too)


  • Brushes: bring a variety, including large flat ones (1” or so), some watercolor brushes, smaller flat ones, round ones, etc.


  • Brayers: soft rubber, 2” at least, and 3” or 4” if you have them.


  • Optional:  A stash of collage papers.  We are focusing on abstract composition, so we’re not working with images as such.  Think pattern, color, and texture.  We will be creating our own hand-painted papers in class, so bring supplementary papers if you like.


  • Spray bottle for water


  • Small spray bottle with rubbing alcohol


  • Big roll of absorbent paper towels


  • Plastic container for water


  • Stamps and stencils of your choice (optional)

I will provide loads of drawing paper for various techniques and exercises.

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